After I finished Inhumanize, I realized that I had hit upon a successful formula. And as Winston said in Ghostbusters: we got the tools, we got the talent! What I mean is that by working on Inhumanize, I developed a working knowledge of analog audio engineering; furthermore, I'd established a strong network of collaborators here in Brooklyn. Musicians, engineers, visual artists-- these are the people without whom I could not create these albums.

Just as with Inhumanize, if you've been following Soundstatues for a while, then you'll recognize a lot of the material on Try Something Brighter. But, whereas the earlier versions of these songs were very rough and amateur, I believe the newer versions are more definitive of my original vision.

Inhumanize is a dirty scuffed up garage album; Try Something Brighter sharpens the focus just a bit. In essence, I zoomed in a bit more, smoothed out a few rough spots, and gave it a brush-down.

Once again, I enlisted the services of drummer Hampus Ohman-Frolund and engineer Gary Olson, and we tracked drums in a basement in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.

I took my Strat and my Les Paul to Mozart Street Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where I cranked up a Fender Tweed and a Marshall JCM2000 to the max, capturing that delicious vintage amp tube breakup. 

I brought in the impeccable Alexandra Moiseev to record cello.

And one of my favorite moments: I dug into my archives and dusted off a song I recorded with my first band in New York City, a band called Super Raven. Drums had been tracked by my longtime creative collaborator Trevett McCandliss. I kept the drums, bass, and guitars, and I recorded a new vocal line through an overdriven mic preamp. This song was re-titled as "Bad Shadows."

To top things off, I included previous versions of some Soundstatues classics, under the Velatone remix connotation.

And closing out the album is a track called Oh My, which I wrote in tribute to Stephen King's Dark Tower novels.

There's a lot to digest on this album, so I hope you can really dig in and see what you can find!