Since releasing my debut album a few years ago, I have improved dramatically as a musician and as an audio engineer, thanks to making so many errors and learning from my abundant mistakes. Additionally, I've been serving as the Lead Tenor of the New York City Community Chorus, so my vocals especially have improved. And on the guitar front, I built my own fuzz pedals and purchased a few amazing pieces of vintage recording gear.

So here's what you can look forward to!

Inhumanize (Release Sept 22, 2020)
What started as a simple remix project quickly mutated into a full-on "re-imagining" project. New vocals, new guitars, new production.. I can't wait for you to hear it! Fan-favorites like "Fade", "Admire", and "Give It Up" have evolved into much stronger songs now.

Try Something Brighter (Release Nov 2020)
Once I began reworking Inhumanize, it became clear that Try Something Brighter should get the same treatment. Songs like "Zombie Lips" and "I Could Save the Day" were very well-received on tour in Japan, and now they're sounding much tighter, since I've integrated a lot of refinements to those songs which developed on tour.

The Halt (Release Dec 2020)
This side-project was such a pleasant surprise, born on a hot summer alcohol-fueled night with my friend Andrew, a NYC-based visual artist and guitarist. I always felt the production of this album was nearly-correct, and now, with my newfound audio engineering skills, it's there!

New song "SUPERVILLAIN" (Release 2021?)
This song is really something special, and I can't wait to share it with you. But first, I need to finish all this other work!

If you're a fan of Soundstatues, then you'll be very pleased at the new life that's being breathed into this music. And I'm very hopeful that this year will see the Soundstatues world grow exponentially.

Please stay safe and stay in touch

Love you all!