Neil Matharoo - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion
Hampus Ohman-Frolund - Drums
Alexandra Moiseev - Cello
Trevett McCandliss - Drums on "Bad Shadows"; Guitar on "Oh My"

Drum Engineering by Gary Olson
Mixed and Mastered by Neil Matharoo
Recorded at Union Studio, Mozart Street Studio, and Marlborough Farms Studio in Brooklyn, New York

All songs composed by Neil Matharoo

I Could Save the Day
Slow down
Like you're violent
Like a line to zen
Race on
Another life to spare
Another crime to end

All I thought I knew
Could it be so true?
All this time that I spent
Learning how to steal
It's time to go
Back to the battlefield
But you said, "I'd be there to the end"

Maybe I could win the game
Maybe I could play for destruction
Maybe I could save the day
Don't stop me, no you won't
Maybe I would sing the pain
Maybe I would kill for the answer
Maybe I could save the day
For all I know

So loud
Like a war machine
Like I've never seen
Rage on
The time is running out
The time is never lost

Zombie Lips
Big surprise
Left behind
Parlor tricks
Zombie Lips

Dirty steel
Broken wheel
Satin smile
Zombie style

Sure shot
Repay me
All you owe
Into unknown

Vaguely recognize
The sunlight
In my eyes
It's bold
Into Unknown

Buying sex
Two for one
Loaded gun

Save me
If you think you can
I'm waiting
For your throw
Into unknown

I am crazy
Mentally dysfunctional
We go
Into unknown

Slamming down
Crooked town
Shut your mouth
Going south

Be romantic
Frantically demanding
A free show
Into unknown

Give me all I want
From you
A filthy kiss or two
And then I'll go
Into unknown


Welcome Home
Oh lost
Oh last
Oh God
It's mine
It's me I see
Wandering away

But you won't take mine
On a bent spine
Or be my rose
In our twisted life
So you'll fail me today

I bought all that you sold
It felt so good to sell my soul
Only now do you say
You're a fool
For believing what I sold to you
But I'll still keep what you paid

Those kills
They sometimes lie
I promised on them
To rely
For safety from my ways
I've wasted so much of my sun
Thank God I'm home
Welcome home
You're welcome astray

I am not welcome here
You're happy to remind me
In so many ways
I take my leave
With my brass-buttoned sleeve
Specialized wheels
While the broken-minded grieve
That they thought they could stay

I found a gray thought
So I took her home
And I made her mine
Oh how she killed me today
Still I'm the one who's never breathing
Here in your life
And I don't want you to pray

So take your steel and rape my mind
I'll love you more each time you cry
It's all the same anyway
Brothers and sisters of my own
You're cold - I'm sly
And I've got no home
Still you want me to stay

Horror Show
You'll take it on down
For the time reject
Wish it all back
For the last regret
I can feel my
Vicious or kind
Giving what I get
Thinking it's time
For a killer threat
You can't face me

Welcome to
The horror show
You can't leave
Until you've paid me
Welcome to
The horror show
Wake with me
You're only dreaming​​​​​​

So tell it my friend
It's an unsafe bet
Color it black
With a time reset
I can feel you
Trip in your mind
Through the wire-set
Rip it in three
And you cast that net
You can't face me

Welcome to 
The horror show 
You can't leave 
Until you've paid me 
Don't let go
Of what you know
Wake with me 
You're only dreaming​​​​​​

For the last time
I heard your name
For the last time
I played your game

Bad Shadows
You're still alive
So I'm mistaken
Here you go
Suprising me
When the nightmare king
Will take you
Then so lovely
You will be

I'm not alright (you know it)
I'm still alive (you hate it)
I cannot lie
And though you are mistaken

Live with the lie
For the time
Just a little bit
'Til you can get your revenge

You demise into a legend
Hidden in my fantasy
Now the nightmare king
Will take you
Drowning you into your dreams

Oh My
Oh my, my
Did you tell me a lie?
Hot time
Headed to the south
And I'm looking for the trouble
Of the big bad city
You can't take me down like this

Guitars: Fender American Stratocaster, Gibson Les Paul, Fender American Jazz Bass, Takamine acoustic guitar
Amps: Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue, Marshall JCM2000 DSL50, Tech 21 Trademark (direct), Boss GL-100 (direct)
Effects: MXR DynaComp, MXR Phase 90, Boss CH-1, Ibanez SF-10, Boss DM-2, Dunlop Crybaby